Old Flame EP 7

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Episode Seven

She was going to be late for choir rehearsal. How did she lose the document she was supposed to have submitted earlier that day? Ebika frowned heavily as she worked on a new document. Her boss had warned her not to leave the office until she turned in her document. She checked the time on the system and found out she had just fifteen minutes before choir rehearsal. She blew out air from her puffed cheeks. There was no way she was going to meet up. She was just on the first page, and she still had two more pages to go. 

She beat her fingers against her desk as her mind raced for ideas. She thought of calling Tolu but decided not to push too much. Their reunion was just a week old. They have spent it getting to know each other again. Phone calls and whatsapp chats were steady between them, but she was still taking things gradually. She would seem too eager if she called him to come pick her up. Her sure bet was to call Bina. Her eyes scrunched together when she thought of being in his car again, but she had no choice. Besides, that car had been her ride for a long while now. She would just have to manage it until Bina purchased a new one. She would make sure he did.

She picked up her phone and dialled his number. He picked up at the first ring.

“Hello, Ebika.” He called across the line.

“Hi, dear. I wonder when you will think of a sweet name to call me aside Ebika.” She said, her voice raised slightly in anger. 

He laughed a little. “I just like your name. What’s up?”

“I’m tied up with work at the office. It would take another thirty to forty minutes for me to be through. I have choir rehearsal and I don’t want to be too late. Could you pick me up in thirty minutes time?” She requested.

There was a pause for a few seconds before Bina spoke up. “Ebika, the car is still faulty. I’m presently with the mechanic. I don’t think it will be ready before that time.” He explained.

Ebika grimaced. “Why not just ask him how much you will get if you sell it?” she said, anger clouding her words.

Bina gasped. “Ebika!” 

“Well, since you can’t pick me, let’s just forget about it.” She didn’t wait for him to say anything else. She just ended the call. He called her back, but she ignored it. 

He is so unreliable! She fumed in anger. Her fingers trembled as she went back to typing again. When she wrote a sentence thrice, she took a break. She took a drink from her water bottle and inhaled deeply, fighting for composure. Few minutes after she went back to typing, her phone rang again. She allowed it ring for a few seconds before picking it up. The caller ID melted away her anger and filled her inside with excitement.

“Hey, girl.” Tolu said when she answered the phone.

“Wow, Tolu! So good to hear from you. I was just thinking about calling you.” She told him, flashing a gap-toothed smile.

“Then you should have called. You should never think before calling me because I’ll always answer you.” He told her. 

“Hmm… that’s sweet.” She replied, leaning against her chair. 

“Our spirits must be one because I called you when you were thinking about calling me. I hope the reasons are the same.” 

Ebika swirled around in her chair. “What’s your reason?” she asked, twisting her toes.

“I missed you, Ebika. I dropped messages for you on whatsapp, but you didn’t reply. I couldn’t let today go without talking to you. I want to see you, Ebika.” His tone was soft across the line.

Ebika giggled. “Our reasons are related. Well, I am tied up at work and I need assistance getting home.” She informed him.

“Don’t sweat it. I’m on my way right now. Just send me the address.”

She sat forward. “Really?”

“Ebika, I will do anything for you. You are special to me.”

“How I wish you had been willing to do that eight years ago.” The words dropped from her mouth before she could stop herself. Tears shone in her eyes. 

Bina sighed. “That’s why I want to make it up to you. Just let me. Let me start by picking you up and treating you to a nice evening.” 

“Okay then.” Ebika responded.

She texted her address to him and waited for his arrival. She forced down her tears. So what if there was eight years gap between them? What mattered now was their reunion and new friendship. The thought of spending the evening with him brought a joyful glow to her eyes. She smiled as she went back to work. The ideas she had been battling with before Tolu’s call flew into her head. Her zapped energy returned in full force. 

Ebika smiled as she looked at the almost completed work. Her boss would be definitely like her work, she was certain. It was better than what she wanted to turn in before. Her secret to the master piece before her was no other than Tolu.  He seemed to have the ability to put her in a good mood. Hmm… not just a good mood, but a great mood. 

When he got to her office, she was putting finishing touch to her work. He waited patiently for her and didn’t make a fuss about the extra time he was spending. She finished and sent the document to the Agency’s mail before printing it out. She kept it in a file and placed it in her drawer. She quickly tidied her desk and shut down her system. She got up and rubbed a hand over her rumpled skirt. She pushed back strands of hair that had fallen across her face while she worked. She wound them in the bun that sat in the middle of her head. When she was satisfied, she carried her back and went to meet Tolu at the reception.

His head was bent over the phone, but he looked up when he heard the tap-tap of her heels on the tiled floor. His face broke into a pleasant smile. He stood up and came to her. He gave her a light hug.

“Seeing you is like taking a deep breath of fresh air after a heated day. You’re so beautiful.” He said, his eyes going over her. Desire filled his eyes.

Ebika basked in his compliment. She liked what she could see in his eyes. She batted her eyelids at him. “You haven’t changed. You are still a hopeless romantic.” She teased, pushing his shoulder lightly.

He laughed heartily. “How can I, when I am with the one who brings that side of me?” He replied.

She shook her head, still smiling as they walked together to the car park. She stopped in her tracks when she saw the car he had come in.

“This is your car too?” She asked him, her words dripping with admiration. 

His eyes went to the parked Range Rover. “Of course.” He answered.

“What about the Lexus?” she asked.

“It’s parked at home. I didn’t feel like using it today.” He said with a shrug. “Let’s go.” He placed a hand around her waist and led her to the car.

While she placed the seatbelt across her body, she said to him, “You really have to tell me who you are now, Tolu.”

He chuckled as he ignited the car. “Let’s go somewhere nice to talk, then I’ll tell you what you want to know.” He told her.

“Okay.” She replied. Her eyes went over his body as he drove. She swallowed when she noticed the designer label on his blazer. Her knowledge of designer wristwatches was limited, but she could tell a real Rolex watch when she saw one; that was what Tolu had on. Her eyes went to her Romanian gold wristwatch. That was when she remembered her choir rehearsal. 

“Oh, my God! Tolu, I have choir rehearsal now.” She told him.

Tolu angled his head a little to look at her. “What time?” He asked.

She peered at her watch. “I’m forty-five minutes late.” She noted, sadly.

“Since you’re that late, why not just spend the time with me.” He suggested. “It’s just this evening Ebika, and I’ve been dying to have some time with you.” He added.

Ebika hesitated. She had not informed Doubara that she wouldn’t be around. What about Bina? Should she inform him of her outing? No way! She kicked against the idea within her. It was better not to say anything. It wasn’t likely he’d find out anyway. What would an evening with Tolu do? What would missing one rehearsal do? She’d just join the next rehearsal on Saturday. The rule was to attend at least one. She shrugged, I’ll spend this time with Tolu.

“It’s alright. I’ll spend the evening with you.” She said, smiling.

“Thank you, Ebika. It’s going to be a great evening. We’ll have fun and bridge the gap of eight years.” He told her, his eyes dancing with excitement.

“I can’t wait.” Ebika laughed. Her voice carried through the coming darkness as they drove down the express road.

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Old Flame EP 6

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Episode Six

Bina’s aunty was a nice woman, Ebika noticed. She welcomed her with open arms and complimented her without any reservation. Ebika liked the woman. It was the first time she was meeting her because she had been living in Ghana and just relocated to Nigeria after the death of her Ghanaian husband a year ago. She was a pretty woman who still stood straight despite her sixty-three years. Her smile added beauty to her aged face. Ebika had met Bina’s parents and it had left her wondering if Bina took after someone else in his family. His mother was just like her aunty – delicate and pretty despite her age. Seeing his aunty made her wonder again whom he took after. The only connection between Bina and his aunty was their fair skin.

“Aunty, who does Bina look like?” she asked, throwing him a sideways glance. His eyes twitched at her question, but she didn’t mind.

Aunty Nene laughed. “Bina is a replica of our father, his grandfather. His mother must have thought of him so much as he died some days before Bina was born.” She explained.

Ebika gave a nod, smiling a little. “No wonder.” She said.

Bina sat up beside her, his brows knitted in puzzlement. “No wonder what?” He and his aunty chorused.

Ebika’s face flushed in Embarrassment. What was she thinking bringing up issues on Bina’s look? He was not ugly. Why was she bent on painting him like that?  She coughed a little to cover her embarrassment. “Oh nothing. I was just wondering why Bina… er… well, he’s not as tall as you.” She rushed to explain.

Aunty Nene laughed again, but Bina’s lips tightened in displeasure. He kept looking at her all through the time his aunty spent telling them stories of her stay in Ghana.

“Let me go and get you something to eat, my dear. Bina is not a stranger, but you are. I must take care of you. That drink is nothing.” She pointed to the glass of juice on the side stool she had offered them when they came in earlier.

“Okay, ma’am.” Ebika answered.

Aunty Nene got up and moved to the kitchen, leaving them to watch the drama series on the television. Ebika felt Bina’s eyes on her and so she turned to him.

“What?” She asked with questioning eyes.

“Go and help her in the kitchen.” He said in a whispery tone.

Ebika looked towards the kitchen and back to Bina. “It’s my first time here, Bina. Why should I join her in the kitchen? I didn’t plan on coming here to cook.” She replied. Her tone was sharp with anger.

Bina said no more. They spent the rest of the time in silence, watching television. When Aunty Nene served the food, Ebika offered to help, but Aunty Nene brushed her off and told her to enjoy the treatment. Ebika flashed her tongue at Bina and mouthed ‘I told you so’. He gave a shrug and let it pass.

Their visit came to an end and they appreciated Aunty Nene for the good time. When they got into Bina’s car, he brought up the issue of joining Aunty Nene in the kitchen.

“Ebika, you should have joined her in the kitchen.” He chided her. “You should have shown your good home training.” He turned the key in the ignition and started the car.

Ebika waited for the noise from the engine to reduce a bit before she answered him. “Bina, please don’t spoil this wonderful evening we just had. Must I help in the kitchen just to prove I am a wife material?” She demanded in anger, arms folded across her chest.

Bina kept his eyes on the road. “It shows respect, Ebika. You seem not to understand the point I’m trying to make here. It’s as if you’re deliberately disagreeing with me.” He turned to look to her briefly, then back to the road. “What was that comment about my look, Ebika. I never thought it mattered.” His lips drew together in disapproval.

Ebika huffed. “Are you saying I’m just against you for the pleasure of it?” She gasped. “Honestly, I like the fact that you are showing emotions. I like the fact that you noticed my comment about your look.”

He looked at her. “What do you mean by that, Ebika?”

“Please keep your eyes on the road.” She stated. He turned. “Take a good look at the way you are dressed today. Why would you wear a dress shirt on a jean all tucked in with a sandal, Bina?” She bawled at him.

Bina laughed. “There is nothing wrong with the way I am dressed, Ebika.” He said.

“Yeah, right.” She sneered.

He kept talking about his taste in fashion, but Ebika stopped listening. Her mind wanted to see someone who took his time looking good. She had checked his whatsapp display picture and liked what she saw. Even in a polo, Tolu could stop her in her tracks. When she complimented his look, he had forwarded some of his recent pictures to her. He requested for hers and she had sent the best. He gushed over them. It made her feel like she was back in Creek Haven University again when Tolu couldn’t get enough of her.

Sad lines crossed her face when she thought of the last time Bina had complimented her. Sometimes she wondered if he noticed at all. They just went through the motions of their relationship like actors in a scripted play. There was nothing spontaneous about them, nothing exciting. Everything was just steady, nothing out of line.

She sighed. She was definitely bored out of her mind. Bina was not helping matters at all. She’d just chat up Tolu when she got home. At least that would bring exciting memories to her. Her eyes twinkled like the stars as she thought about that. She closed her eyes to watch the texts of her chat with Tolu dance across her head.

They were not moving. Something was wrong. Her eyes opened slowly. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked around. She yawned a little, trying to remember where she was. It came to her in no time. She had dozed off while thinking about Tolu. She looked around for Bina. The driver’s seat was empty. The bonnet of the car was raised. She opened the door and stepped out. Bina was bent over the engine, looking hard at it.

“What is going on, Bina?” She asked.

He straightened. Worried lines were drawn across his forehead. He kneaded his forehead. “I really don’t know what is wrong. The car jerked for a while and stopped. It refused to start.” He explained.

Ebika folded her arms. “Maybe you are out of fuel.” She reasoned.

“No, it’s not fuel. Something is wrong.” He bent over the engine again and started touching some parts.

“You see why I keep telling you to change this car.” Ebika challenged him.

He angled his head to look at her. “Ebika, I can’t afford a new car now. This will just have to do.” He told her.

“Then maybe you should sell it and gather money to buy a better car.”

Bina sighed. He stopped hitting the engine. “You know we’re preparing for our wedding. Car is not our priority now.”

“If it’s not then we shouldn’t be going around in this… this…” She looked away in disgust without completing her statement.

“This what, Ebika?” He inquired.

“How do I get home now?” She said instead, fixing him with angry eyes. Around them people moved in a hurry as darkness was gradually creeping in.

“I’ll stop ‘keke’ for you. I don’t think I’ll be able to take you now.”

Her face swelled with anger. She pursed her lips and looked away from him. He came to stand in front of her.

“I’m sorry, Ebika. This is not intentional. Please don’t be angry.” He said in a pleading tone.

She said nothing. She just stood while he got a tricycle to take her home. All the way she fumed over Bina’s stubbornness. Why won’t he just buy a new car? She mused. How much exactly was a Lexus? Bina just has to change his car if he wants me to go anywhere with him again, she resolved as the keke drew close to her bus-stop.

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Old Flame EP 5

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Episode Five

Ebika stretched her taut muscles. She closed and opened her palms, flexing her numb fingers. Working as a copy editor for HiBooks Agency had its benefits, but it wasn’t all rosy. She had been typing since she got to work that morning. She checked her wristwatch and confirmed it was time for lunch break. She pushed back her chair and got up. Most of the booths around hers were empty, indicating that people had gone for lunch. She better join them.

She took the stairs down to the Agency’s cafeteria. She was hit by the sweet aroma of Banga soup when she stepped into the cafeteria. She sniffed the air with all pleasure. Banga soup will do this afternoon, she said within her. She sauntered to the serving point and requested for Banga soup and Starch. She picked a tray and took her lunch to the end of the room. Most tables in the room were occupied. People sat in groups to chat over lunch. Someone called to her to join them, but she politely declined. She needed to be all alone to enjoy her meal. Her regular seat kept her face to the wall, away from the eyes of her colleagues.

She placed her meal on the table and said a short prayer. She swallowed each morsel of starch with great pleasure. The fresh fish in the soup melted in her mouth as she enjoyed its sweet taste. She closed her eyes while she chewed. Nothing like good food, she muttered in delight. Her bleeping phone broke into her magical food moment. Her brows drew in a deep frown. She picked the phone and looked at the caller ID. The call was from her friend, Doubara.

“Doubie, how far?” She said when she picked the call. She licked the soup rolling down her fingers.

“Nothing much o. How is work going?” Doubara asked.

Ebika sighed. “The usual o: stressful. We’re on break now.” She replied.

“I called to inform you that I have sent the style for the choir uniform to your whatsapp. You can check it out and tell me what you think.” Doubara told her.

“Oh okay. I’ll turn on my data once I end the call, then I’ll get back to you.”

“Alright then. See you in church.”

“Yeah. Enjoy the rest of your day.” Ebika ended the call. She turned on her phone’s data and waited for it to connect. While it was connecting, she went back to enjoying her meal. Several notifications popped up when it was finally connected. She picked up the phone.

“Three hundred and forty five messages from whatsapp?” She groaned. “I’ll have to leave all these groups I was added to.” She scrolled through the messages, ignoring the group chats for personal chats. She saw the style Doubara had sent. The style was quiet simple: peplum top on straight skirt with a small cut at the side. She nodded her approval. She looked through her other personal chats and saw messages from Tolu. She sat up immediately and read through them.

Tolu: Hi, my dear. How is your day going? I hope it’s not like mine. I’ve been swarmed with work all morning, but you have been on my mind all through. I took a break a while ago to chat a little and when I refreshed my contacts, I saw you. I couldn’t resist dropping a message.

Ebika’s lips widened with a smile. She read the message again. She pushed the tray away from her and washed her hand. She picked up her phone and replied his chat.

Ebika: My day has been busy too. I’m just at the cafeteria taking lunch. Although, thoughts of you haven’t crossed my mind since I got to the office this morning.

His response came immediately.

Tolu: Ouch! That hurts, Ebika. I’m so unimportant that your work took precedence over me. That’s not fair.

Ebika laughed a little when she read his reply. She typed her response quickly.

Ebika: Well, you left me with no choice. I can’t be thinking about a stranger, you know.

Tolu: What if I don’t want to be a stranger anymore? What if I want to be as close to you as I was before?

Ebika: We’ll see about that.

She noticed the cafeteria was emptying. Her break was almost over.

Ebika: Back to work for me. Let’s chat later.

Tolu: Ok, but I mean what I said earlier about getting close to you.

Ebika: I’ll say it again: we’ll see about that, Tolu. Bye.

She ended the chat and finished the rest of her food. She went back to her booth in the office. All around hands flew over the keyboard of computer systems, trying to meet up the deadline of a magazine publication. Despite the urgency in the air, she couldn’t get back to work. She leaned against her chair and allowed thoughts of Tolu wash over her.

Eight years! Eight years after Creek Haven University. Where has Tolu been all these while? She ruminated. Why this strong connection between us despite the years gone by? Where are we heading to with this new friendship? Maybe I should tell him about Bina. Her eyes widened at that thought. She nodded slowly. He could also have someone. That thought caused a slight frown on her face. She shook her head. I’ll just take things gradually. There’s no need to rush. It’s not as if he proposed to me. We are only trying to build friendship again.

She sat forward and powered her system, getting set to work. As she typed in her staff password, a funny thought crossed her mind: What if Bina was not in the picture, and Tolu was willing, what would be her response?




She met with Doubara later that day in church. She told her the style was good. While they were still talking about the material to use for the style, Bina joined them.

“Good evening, Sister Doubara.” He greeted.

Doubara smiled at him. “Good evening, Bro Bina.” She jabbed Ebika’s ribs playfully, winking at her.

Ebika didn’t smile. She folded her arms and looked away from Bina.

“Hello, Ebika.” Bina said to her, touching her elbow lightly.

“Let me discuss with the others, Ebika. We’ll talk later.” Doubara told her, retreating.

“Can we talk, Ebika?” Bina asked.

She kept silent for a while, but then she sighed. “Alright. Let’s talk outside.”

They walked out of the church’s main auditorium towards the children auditorium. They faced each other then.

“I know you are angry with me.” Bina stated.

“Good you know, Bina.” She muttered.

“Ebika, I’m sorry. You know I was on afternoon shift. There was no way I could have made the transfer. I called you very early this morning so we could find a way around it.” He explained, his eyes scrunched together in a pleading look.

“It’s okay.” Ebika told him, giving a shrug. “I was able to make the transfer, and Ere got mother’s drugs. She’s doing well.”

“Praise God!” He exclaimed in joy.

Ebika looked at him then. She noticed his worn polo and black trouser. Her eyes went to his loafers. It was the same loafers he wore all the time during evening service. Being a foot taller than him, she was able to look over his head. It was shaved completely. No strand of hair could be seen on his head. His head brought to mind a smooth tiled floor where one’s reflection could be seen. His rectangular face that showed his wide forehead, buttoned nose and full lips couldn’t really pass him as handsome. He could be said to be pleasant looking.

She shook herself. Why was she analysing his appearance like this? It wasn’t like she was noticing all these for the first time. Bina never kept any hair on his head because he was bald. She never complained before, but she was suddenly comparing it to a rich, dark, shiny afro someone kept. The image stuck to her mind even as she listened to Bina.

“I hope you remember my aunty’s dinner invite to us tomorrow evening.” He said. She nodded in response. “I’ll be on morning duty so I’ll come and pick you from the office.” He informed her.

“It’s okay. We could chat on whatsapp this night to discuss what we’ll wear.” She suggested.

Bina laughed. “The last time I was online was two weeks ago, and that was because I was on leave. Just wear what is nice, and I’ll do the same. Besides, we don’t want to send the wrong message to people by dressing alike.”

Ebika’s shoulders sagged in defeat. “I hope you wear something better than nice.” She said in a small voice.

He didn’t say anything to that. He just laughed again like she just said the best joke of the day. “Let me drop you at home.” He offered.

She agreed. She tried not to compare his old volvo to a certain Lexus R300.

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Old Flame EP 4

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Episode Four

Ebika sat on her bed with legs crossed in front of her. She had her Bible in her hand and her devotional manual close to her. She flashed the passage of the Bible with her phone’s torchlight. When she was through with the passage, she picked up her manual and read from it. She closed her eyes afterwards and prayed. Just as she was rounding off the prayer, her phone rang. She ended her prayer and picked it up. Her eyes flashed in anger when she saw the caller ID. She dropped the phone back on the bed and placed her devotional manual and Bible on her bedside table.

She straightened her bed sheet and tucked it in properly. She picked up the yellow floral print dress she had chosen to wear to work that day and dropped it carefully on the bed. She picked out her silver peep-toed heels and dropped them at the foot of the bed. While she prepared to go take her bath, her phone started ringing again. She ignored it again and went to take her bath.

When she returned to the room, she checked her phone and realized Bina had called five more times. She erased the missed calls. “I am not ready to talk to you, Bina. I’m still hurting. I haven’t gotten over what you did yesterday.” She said to herself.

Thinking about the events of the previous day brought Tolu to her mind. Her face gleamed with smiles. She had finally seen her first love again after all these years. He was still as remarkable as ever. He needed no prodding to do what he was supposed to do. Just like when he had found out she had accommodation issues back in school and couldn’t afford to buy a bed space. He had willingly given up his place off campus for her and went to squat in the hostel with his friend.

She later discovered he paid for the place with the money he saved from his plumbing business in school. Her love and respect for him grew after that. Out of his nothing, he had given her something. Not for once did they fight. They had a way around all their disagreements. Their love blossomed so much that they were given the award of best couple in Creek Haven during SUG week.

She never imagined spending her life with someone else. But then, Tolu disappeared into thin air. She only received a call from him, informing her he was off to work as a seaman and the money involved would set him up pretty good. He told her not to worry as he would come back for her.

She sighed heavily. He never came back until yesterday. Days without him in school had been terrible. She couldn’t answer all the questions posed to her by friends, gossips and enemies. What kept her going initially were his calls once in a while, but it stopped after some months. She left Creek Haven with a broken heart. A heart that kept hurting until Bina came into her life.

Bina, charismatic, hardworking and God-fearing, had come into her life with his pleasant smile and simple nature and became a friend to her. She couldn’t remember if he proposed to her formally or when their friendship became love, but they had started something special. It was not the passionate love she shared with Tolu back then. It was just a steady love between two level-headed people faced with the realities of life. She liked their relationship but seeing Tolu yesterday, being in his company made her yearn for that fiery love she once had with him.

She threw her head back and rested her weight on her palms spread out on the bed. The butterflies had flown in her belly just being with Tolu for some time. Her heart had responded with great excitement. Maybe she could make a change in her relationship with Bina. They could fire things up a little. They could be more passionate and lively. It wouldn’t just be the usual: prayers,   Bible studies, planning and minimal show of love. Things would have to change.

With this resolve she got up from bed and started dressing up for work. She was just buckling her wristwatch around her wrist when her phone rang again. She groaned. “Why can’t you just get the message, Bina?” She picked up the phone from where it was on the bed with the intention of ending the call, but stopped herself when she saw it wasn’t Bina. It was Tolu.



He waited with bated breath for her musical voice to fill his ears. He hoped it wasn’t too early to call, but he didn’t know her schedule. His wife was not in the room, giving him the privacy he needed for this call. He had turned restlessly in bed all through the night because of Ebika. At one point, he had gone to his study to look through his old photo albums. He had found just what he went there for – a picture he took with Ebika when she said yes to him. She had been laughing when the shot was taken. The photographer had captured every detail of their posture: her perfectly curved body resting in his arms and the look of awe on his face as he stared at her with all the love he felt.

He had stayed back in the study admiring the picture until the wee hours of the morning. That picture was hidden under his pillow. It must have found its rightful place, because he slept after he placed it under his pillow. His dreams had been filled with her. Once he heard his wife leave the room, he picked the phone to call her.

“Hello.” Her sweet voice floated across the line like cool evening breeze on a sweaty skin.  He heard the smile in her voice. His heart jumped in excitement. “Hi, my dear.” He replied, drawing himself up in bed. “How was your night?” he asked.

“Fine.” She answered. “And yours?”

“Fine too.” He pictured her still in bed. “Mine was filled with thoughts of you.”

“Oh, really?” She laughed.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t dream of me. I must have crossed your mind.” He teased.

“Of course you crossed my mind.” She answered.

“I’m so happy we met after all these years, Ebika. I hope we really keep in touch.”

“That depends on you, Tolu. You are the one who is good in disappearing.”

Her words caused his heart to ache. Sadness clouded his features. “I’m truly sorry about that, Ebika.” His words were spoken softly. He needed her to know how sorry he was to have left her back then. He didn’t hear her reply as his wife came into the room. “I’ll call you later. Have a great day.” He rushed on.

“You too.”

Once he heard her response, he ended the call and faced his wife who was looking at him like he had grown horns.

“What?” He asked her sharply.

She opened her mouth to speak, but she shook her head. “Never mind.” She moved to the in-built wardrobe in their room and started moving his clothes about.

Guilt washed over him, but he pushed it aside. He would not hurt Eladebi, but he would not stay away from Ebika.

“What are you looking for?” He asked her, his tone softening.

She turned teary eyes to him. “I don’t want us to be like this, my love. We have to let go of all offences. We’ve come a long way.” She came to knee in front of him. “Forgive all my wrongs, my husband. I just want us to be happy.”

He considered this for a few heartbeats, then he threw his legs off the bed and drew her to his chest. “It’s alright. I’m no longer angry with you. We’re fine.”

“Thank you, my love.” she smiled up at him with tears in her eyes.

He wiped them off and dropped a kiss on her forehead. “I love you.” He told her.

“I love you too,” She replied, wrapping her arms around his mid-section.

While he drove to his office that day, he told his heart to love Eladebi as much as she loved him. She never forced herself on him; not even when she became pregnant before their wedding and had to face disciplinary actions in church. He scratched his head. It was he who assured her of his undying love and promised to stand by her. She had been true to him ever since. But why was he having second thoughts. Could it be that his love for her was fizzling out? Every little thing irritated him now, and he wondered why he seemed so intolerant of her. Hmm… he sighed, his heart must have been preparing him for his meeting with Ebika. Ebika, the one he should have married.

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Old Flame EP 3

And here is Episode three. Our love journey begins!

Episode Three                             

Tolu brought out a bottle of wine from his fridge when he got back to the office that night. He opened it and filled his glass. He held the glass by the stem and took a long sip. He walked around his desk to his chair behind it. All the while a smile remained on his face. His eyes were as bright as the stars lighting up the sky that night. He downed the content of the glass and poured some more drink into the glass.

He hiccupped when he took a sip this time. He followed the hiccup with a small chuckle. Hmm… he had found Ebika after eight years. Who would have thought they would meet again? The first girl he had fallen heads over heels in love with back in the university. Her charming smile had stolen his heart from the moment she smiled her thanks to him when he returned the wallet she left in a restaurant. Thank God he had been seated close to her. In fact, he had been watching her all the while she was there with her friend. Her soft laughter cut across his heart like a hot knife through butter. That lovely smile had caught his attention. He had spent more time admiring her than eating his food. Finding her wallet was the best thing to happen to him that day. He ran after her with all glee. When she smiled her lovely smile to show her appreciation, he had felt like a hero, her hero. His shoulders puffed up as he introduced himself. That was the beginning of their love story.

Tolu pressed the glass to his lips. He didn’t swallow the drink immediately. He rolled it in his mouth for a while, savouring the rich taste of red grape. He liked his wine. It was the perfect taste for his mood. Meeting Ebika again was as sweet as the best wine he had had. Ebika was sweeter though and more beautiful than she had been before. He sat up in his chair, images of their meeting fleeting back into his mind. He saw her like she was standing right before him. Her image was so real he felt if he stretched his hand he could touch her right there in his office. He stretched his hand before he could stop himself. He took off his jacket and brought it close to his nose, inhaling deeply.

“Oh, she smells so good.” He muttered, his eyes closed.

He pictured her tall and slim figure that could rival any model at her best. No ounce of fat seemed to have been added over the years. He liked that she still maintained her figure; the figure and her shiny dark complexion. Her figure made it easy for his hand to circle her waist back then. Her face came into view. That heart-shaped face that was accentuated by her pointed nose and small lips. She still had the thick dark hair just the way he remembered. He swept his hand through the air imagining his fingers running through her hair.

“You’re the best, Ebika.” He said with all the admiration.

“Hmm… what is going on here?” A voice intruded into his musing.

His eyes flew open. He sat forward suddenly, upsetting the glass on the table. Red liquid ran across his table. He pushed files away from the liquid spreading fast. The intruder grabbed a hand towel from the top of the file cabinet and stopped the spreading liquid. He cleaned the table dry.

Tolu’s eyes burnt with anger as he regarded his friend and business partner of six years, Christopher Ebikitin. “People have doors to keep unwanted guests out.” He said in a blunt tone.

Chris flashed an innocent smile. He returned the hand towel to the top of the cabinet. “Only when their doors are locked.” He replied. He pulled back a chair in front of the desk and took his seat. “What’s the occasion, Tolu?” He asked, his eyes resting on the half-emptied wine bottle. “Why didn’t you invite me?”

“Because you’re not wanted.” Tolu huffed, relaxing against his chair.

Chris chuckled. “Well, I always go where I am not wanted.” He shrugged.

“Why are you here anyway?” Tolu asked him, fixing him with suspicious eyes.

Chris’ eyes lost the playfulness from moments ago. His eyes drew in deep seriousness. He became the level-headed, the sensitive man Tolu knew him to be. Tolu suddenly preferred the playful Chris. He waited for Chris to speak. He knew whatever he had to say wouldn’t be good anyway.

Chris cleared his throat. “Your wife called, Tolu.” He told him, regarding him with steady eyes.

Tolu returned his gaze without flinching. “What did she tell you?” He quizzed.

Chris leaned forward in his chair and placed his elbow on the table. “Tolu, what you are doing to that poor woman and your children is not fair, and you know it. How could you leave the house for two days now?”

“If she insist on working, then I won’t return to the house.” Tolu replied in an iced cool voice.

“Come on, Tolu. Eladebi has tried and you know it. Your second son is three years old now. Let the woman work.” Chris implored in a pleading tone.

Tolu sat up in his chair, fixing Chris with unblinking eyes. His jaw was set firmly. “I won’t allow her work, Chris; not after the insult her father and her uncle dished out to me back then. They made jokes that I wouldn’t be able to take care of her. I have proven them wrong and will continue to prove them wrong. Let her stay at home and mother our children.”

Chris sighed, rubbing his clean-shaven jawline. “I just wish you’ll learn to communicate more with her than going off like this whenever you have a disagreement.” His eyes went to the picture frame of Tolu’s family on the wall to his right. “We both know that Eladebi is a good wife and mother.”

Tolu followed his eyes and stared at the frame too, taking in the image of the woman he had married five years ago. Was he losing his love for her? Why did he always take their argument to the extreme even when he was in the wrong? Yet, Eladebi will still apologize, prepare his meal, pray for the family and let peace reign?

He released a heavy sigh. “I have heard you, Chris. I will go home, but I still stand by my word: she’ll not work.” He replaced the files he had moved back to their position since the wine had dried off.

Chris’ lip turned up in a smile. “Just do what is right, Tolu.” He told him, then he added “So what were you celebrating when I came in?”

The heaviness in Tolu’s heart dissipated as a bright smile light up his face. The smile grew bigger as he thought of the one who had put it there; not his wife but the one who had his heart right from the beginning: Ebikaboere.




Her husband was back home. Eladebi jumped up from where she sat with her children watching Spongeboo Squarepants on Nicklelodeon. She ran to the window and peeped through it. Truly, her husband was back home.

“Daddy is back!” she announced to her children, grinning from ear to ear.

Tari, their first child, got up and yelped in delight, throwing his hands up. “Yeeeeeee!”

His brother, Timi, looked at him briefly and went back to his cartoon. Tari joined her at the door as they waited for Tolu to make an appearance. The minutes he took to park the car in the car park beside the house and walk around to the front door seem like forever to Eladebi. She adjusted her bubu gown, then she smoothened her weave-on with her palm.

The door opened and there stood her husband of years and the father of her children, looking as breath-taking as always. She wrapped her arms around him, while Tari, and Timi who had seen his father, hugged him by the leg. His free hand didn’t embrace her back. He just stood there as rigid as a rock waiting for her to ease off.

Her excitement slipped a little when she looked at him. His face was as hard as it had been when he left the house two days before. He dropped his briefcase and picked up Timi, while he patted Tari’s head. That was when she saw a smile on his face. She picked up the briefcase he dropped.

“You’re welcome, my husband.” She said to him, plastering a smile on her hurt face.

He eyed her. “Why are the children still awake?” He questioned scowling.

Her eyes went to the grandfather clock on the wall. It was past 9 pm. She turned apologetic eyes to him. “I’m sorry about that. I guess we got carried away.” She explained.

He dropped Timi gently on the floor. “Take them in and prepare them for bed. They have school tomorrow. I’m going to the room.” He moved towards the hallway.

“I made something.” She called after him.

He turned to her with questioning eyes. “I didn’t tell you I’ll be coming home, did I?”

She shrugged, smiling. “I prayed about it. I knew you would come home.”

Tolu crossed his arms across his chest. “Really?” He sneered. She nodded. “Was that after you called Chris or before you called him to bring your missing husband to you?” He asked in voice heavy with sarcasm. His lips turned up in a mocking smile when he saw her winced. “I am here, but I still stand by my word Eladebi: you will not work. Go and return that appointment letter to that school.” With that, he went down the hallway to their bedroom.

Eladebi’s face fell. Her shoulders sagged as she led her children inside.




Old Flame EP 2

Glad to have you back, friends. As a post birthday celebration, I have also uploaded episode three. Enjoy reading! Please share your thoughts.

Episode Two

“Ebikaboere Daumiebi?” He called in a tone of uncertainty, searching her face.

Ebika pushed away from the rail. She fixed him with piercing eyes. He knew her full name. She angled her head from one side to the other. He looked vaguely familiar.

“You’re Ebika, right?” He asked.

Ebika gave a small nod. The man’s lips curled up in an excited smile. “Oh, my God! Ebika.” He called excitedly, taking her hand.

“I can’t seem to place you.” Ebika admitted shamefacedly since the man seemed to know her very well.

The man gave a deep throaty laugh, his eyes dancing in joy. “It’s me, Ebika: Burutolu Smooth.”

Ebika processed the name in few seconds. She jumped when she connected the name to a time in her past. “Burutolu! Tolu!” She pointed a finger at him. Her eyes dilated with unbelief.

“Yes, Ebika, it’s Tolu, your Tolu.”

Time stood still as they embraced each other. When they eased off each other the first time, they stared at each other for some seconds and then hugged again.

“I can’t believe it’s you, Ebika.” He said, looking her over with eyes filled with admiration.

“Neither can I. You have really changed, Tolu.” She replied

He shrugged. “Just a little work-out and I turned out this way.” He pointed to his body.

“Hmm…” Ebika gave an approving nod. “It turned out way nicer than it was back then.”

“Come on, are you saying I wasn’t good looking back in school?” He questioned.

A playful glint came into Ebika’s eyes. Her lips curled up in mirth. “Huh, not so good.” She teased him.

He placed a hand on his chest. “That hurts.” He took her hand and placed it on his chest.

Ebika giggled. “It’s good to know you haven’t lost your sense of humour. You always know how to make me laugh.”

He bowed. “I serve to please, my lady.”

She laughed some more. Her laughter was interrupted by the chiming of her phone. She looked at the screen. Her laughter fizzled out immediately she saw the name of the caller. She let out a heavy sigh. The call was her reality check: money for her mother’s drugs.

“Hello, Ere.” She said.

“Ebika, the nurses are on my neck. They need the drugs now. I haven’t received the alert.” Her sister told her in a panicky tone.

Ebika’s eyes watered a little. “I’m sorry, Ere, but I’m having difficulty sending the money. Please, bear with me. I’ll try and do something before today runs out.” She replied. She bent her head to shield her face from Tolu’s piercing eyes. He was listening to every word.

“Chei, Ebika, please do something o.”

“I will. Just take care of mother.”

She ended the call and dropped the phone in her handbag. Her brow drew together in deep worry. “It was nice seeing you again, Tolu, but I have to attend to something very urgent.” She informed him.

His eyes held hers in a steady gaze. “What is the problem?” He inquired.

Ebika hesitated. Tolu sensed it. He took her hand. “Ebika, I’m not a stranger, remember. Forget the years gone by, I’m still the Burutolu you know. Tell me what is wrong.” He urged her in a soft tone.

Ebika looked at him. This is the Tolu she had dated for two years back in the university. The same Tolu who had taken care of her so much. The one who had willingly given her the key to his house when she couldn’t get hostel accommodation and went to squat with his friend in the hostel. The Tolu she had fallen in love with from the first day they met, when he returned her missing purse with all her belongings intact. Should it count now that he disappeared at the beginning of their third year without a backward glance? Could she trust him?

“Trust me, Ebika.” He urged, reading the distrust in her eyes.

She sighed. She was desperate anyway. What does it matter if she had to confide in her boyfriend from years ago? “My mom has been in the hospital for two weeks now. She has been on drugs and injections for some days. I was supposed to send money to my younger sister to buy her drugs, but my bank has network issues. I got a debit alert minutes ago. What I have left is not enough for the drugs. Even if I want to send cash to her, the banks are closed now.” She peeked at her watch and gave a nod. “Yes, it’s past four already. She just called now to tell me the drugs are needed urgently.”

“How much?” He asked.

Ebika’s eyes met his. She saw the deep concern in them. Is this the answer to my prayer, Lord? She asked within her. “It’s twenty thousand naira.” She told him.

“Just that?” He asked, bringing out his wallet. Ebika gave a small nod, watching as he took out different cards. He picked one out of them. “Let’s go. I’ll send the money to your sister.” He nodded towards the ATM, returning the wallet to the inner pocket of his jacket.

Ebika stood rooted to the spot, mouth gaped. She watched his large, confident strides as he marched to the machine. He was almost there when he noticed she hadn’t followed. He came back to meet her.

“Ebika, let’s send the money to your sister.” He touched her shoulder.

She blinked severally. “You’re going to help me?” She asked with disbelieving eyes.

He shrugged in response and took her hand. He led her to the machine. The queue had reduced so they had access to the machine quickly. He slotted in his card and typed in his details. He left her to do the rest. The transaction was successful. Ebika turned grateful eyes to him.

“Tolu, you don’t know what this means to me.” She held his left hand with her two hands, her eyes lifted to his. “You just put a very big smile on my face and my sister’s face.” She told him a hoarse whisper.

He smiled down at her. “Thanks to God, my dear.” He shook her lower jaw.

“I’ll pay you back once the bank rolls back my money. It shouldn’t take long before they do that.” She assured him.

He shook his head. “Don’t pay back, Ebika. Take it as a reunion gift.”

She stopped in her tracks. “Seriously, Tolu?” She quizzed.

“Seriously.” He answered.

She hugged him. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She cried in delight.

Tolu laughed. “Don’t squeeze me, Ebika.” He joked.

Her sister called her then to tell her she received the credit alert. Ebika told her to pay for the drugs and take care of their mother. Tolu didn’t leave her. After the call, he offered to take her home. She declined and told him she was going to the market instead. He insisted on taking her to the market. He led her to a Lexus jeep parked in the bank’s car park.

“Is this your car?” She asked in sheer amazement.

“Yes.” He pressed a button on the car key to unlock the door. He opened the passenger door for her. “Get in.” He said.

Ebika didn’t. She faced him instead, arms akimbo. “Wow! Tolu, things have really changed for you.” she said, her pencil-thin eyebrows rose in admiration.

He chuckled lightly. “Let’s just say God has really blessed me.” He told her simply.

A burning desire to know more filled her heart but she decided not to bombard him with questions on their first meeting. She entered the car, and he drove her to the market. All the while they chatted about their time together back in Creek Haven University. He later dropped her off in the apartment she shared with her cousin after they had exchanged phone numbers.

She called him later in the night when she had settled for the night to show her appreciation. He asked about her mother, and she related what her sister had told her few minutes before she called him: her mother was stable. He was happy to hear that, and then he expressed his joy for finding her again. He assured her he’d keep in touch. When she ended the call, fantasies of yester years crept into her mind and stayed there. Fantasies that had been created by her and Tolu.

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Old Flame EP 1

Welcome, fam. Thanks for stopping by. Get on the journey with Ebika and Tolu. It’s going to be a long but interesting ride. Don’t get tired!

Episode One

Time was against her. Ebika checked her wristwatch for the umpteenth time since she joined the ATM queue in front of Royalty Bank. She grimaced when she realized she had been on the queue for over thirty minutes. She tapped her feet impatiently. She counted the persons before her now. There were three persons left. She frowned deeply. It shouldn’t take long anymore, if only the man using the ATM at that time would hurry up. He seemed to be making withdrawals for his entire family. People around started murmuring. The man remained unperturbed. He had his back to them, his broads shoulders raised confidently. Ebika finally lost her cool.

Putting up her best imitation of British English accent she called to him. “Hello, Sir. I hope you know there are people waiting on this queue to use the ATM.” She said. Heads turned towards her. She kept her face serious, adjusting her glasses a little. It wasn’t the time to count the number of persons she had charmed with her accent. “You should not remain there like it is your living room.” She added.

The man turned to look at her. When he didn’t turn back to the ATM after a few seconds, Ebika’s confident waned. What if he was a Professor or a Linguist? She pondered. Has he sensed my British accent is not the real deal? Her heart beat against her ribcage in fear.  He must be someone important, she observed, looking him over. He was smartly dressed in a grey suit that hung perfectly on his lean but muscular body. His shoulders reminded her of wrestlers in WWE. She swallowed when she looked at his face. His beard was neatly-trimmed around his strong jawline. When her eyes met his, his was twinkling. A strange feeling crept up her body. There was something oddly familiar about him.

“Oga, face wetin you dey do abeg. We no come here come play.” The man immediately behind him fired at him.

That broke the magic of the moment. The man went back to what he was doing. Ebika shook herself. What was that about? She wondered. Why does he look familiar? She rubbed her forehead. Nothing came to her.

She let it go when it was her turn to use the ATM. The feeling of urgency from before hit her again. She typed in her details and went on to transfer money to her younger sister. Her heart thumped lightly as she awaited the service report. It soon flashed on the screen. Her eyes grew with disappointment as she read the reply: issuer not available; contact your bank.

“Oh, God!” She screamed in deep frustration, banging her hand against the machine. Her card was injected.

The person behind her stepped up to her in front of the machine. She eyed him angrily. “Please, I’m not through with what I’m doing. Give me space.” She said.

The man hesitated, but when she refused to move away from the machine, he went back to the queue. She tried the transfer again and got the same reply. Her eyes glistened with tears as she took her card and stepped away from the machine. She took off her glasses and dropped them in her bag. Enough with the fashion, she was not in the mood anymore.

How would her sister get the drugs now that she couldn’t transfer the money needed to her? She swiped off the first tear that came down her cheek. She inhaled deeply, fighting for control. What good would it do if she broke down in tears now? She would try another ATM. Just as that decision took root in her heart, her phone bleeped, notifying her of text message. She pulled it out of her bag and read the message.

She placed her left hand on her head. Everything was going from bad to worse. The message was a debit alert from her bank. Debit alert? She cried within her, for money I didn’t even withdraw. Oh God! What she had left in her account could not cover the money for the drugs. Her legs wobbled under her. She walked on shaky legs to the rail that lined the right side of the bank and leaned against it.

Who will help me with this now? She pondered, flipping through her phone. She thought of her friend Doubara but shook it off. Doubara just paid her house rent. The next person that came to her mind brought a frown to her already sorrowful face. Her cousin Douye would never help. She was always broke. Sharing an apartment with Douye for the past couple of years have proven that her cousin was quite dependent. She would have parted ways with her if not that the apartment was free, and Douye had her good sides. Who else? A light smile touched her face when she thought of Binaebi. Yes, Bina is the right person. Why didn’t I think about him before breaking down? She chided herself.

She dialled his number quickly. After the first two calls went unanswered, her hope dwindled. She gave it a third try and he answered then.

“Hi, Dear.” She called, her face brightened with hope. She straightened against the rail.

“Hi.” His voice came across the line.

“I really need your help, Bina.” She told him.

“What?” He asked, sounding distracted.

She heard voices in the background. It wasn’t surprising since Bina worked as a customer care agent for one of the telecommunications company in the country. She took a quick look at her watch. It was a bad time to call, but she couldn’t help it.

“I need you to transfer some cash to me. I want to send it to my sister for my mother’s drugs. It’s urgent.” She told him.

He was silent for a few seconds. She took the phone off her ears to be sure he hadn’t gone off, but the call timer was still reading.

“Bina.” She barked down the line in impatience.

“Sorry about that.” He replied in a whisper. “Listen, Ebika, I can’t do anything now. My team leader just sent me a warning sign. We’ll talk later.”

The line went dead. Her tears came then. Bina was her last hope. What would she tell her younger sister? She threw her head back and closed her eyes tightly. Lord, I need Your help, she prayed silently. I’m at a lost at what next to do. Please, don’t let anything happen to my mother.

A hand touched her lightly causing her to jump. Her eyes flew open. Her fingers wound around the rail in a tight grip. She looked up and came face to face with the man from the queue earlier. The setting sun cast a light glow on his shiny dark hair, richly oiled. She squinted at him, wondering what he wanted with her.

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