I do or I don’t EP 5

Welcome back friends! It’s either a Yes for Kade or a No after you read this episode. I’ll tell you my stand when you drop your comments.(winks).

Episode Five

He stood before her as docile as a lamb. He kept his hands behind his back. He had a regretful look on his clean-shaven face. Gone was the fierce anger that had been eating him up for two days. She didn’t get up from where she sat picking beans. She regarded him for a few seconds and continued with what she was doing. She would not let his richly-oiled afro distract her. She would not be taken by his dressing either. It didn’t matter that he had tried to look his best as usual sporting a red polo with white stripes on blue jeans.

He sensed her withdrawal and came to kneel in front of her. “Kade, I’m really sorry. I was just so angry. You know I do all I do because I love you. My life would be shattered if you leave me.” He said. Sad lines crossed his face.

Kade set the tray of beans aside. She folded her arms across her chest. “We can’t continue like this, Priye. You scare me all the time.” She told him, her eyes mirroring her pain.

He made to touch her but stopped himself. He puffed his cheeks and blew out air gradually. “Don’t make this difficult for me, Kade. I really want you to forgive me. You know I don’t get angry without a reason. What you did was wrong.” He stated in an accusing tone, arching his eyebrows.

Kade nodded, slowly, thoughtfully. “But must you react violently? Can’t we just talk things over?” She questioned. “Can’t we just have a normal relationship?”

Priye rested on his heels. He looked away from her. “Then stop doing things that will provoke me, Kade. I won’t get angry if you can just behave normally.” His tone was flat. She watched him in silence. He turned to face her after a while. “I came to reassure you of my love, Kade. Sending you away yesterday was because of the mood you were in. We could have done something sinful.”

Kade balled her fists and pressed them against her sides. She wanted so much to scream out her frustration, but it would do no good. She inhaled and exhaled air for a while to calm her fray nerves. Peace will reign if I do what he likes, what I think will save our relationship, she told herself silently. If this is going to work out then I have to play by his rule. “I have heard you, Priye. Let’s just forget about everything.”

A smile lit up his sombre face. “That’s what I want, Kade. I love you because you are so submissive. No one can replace you in my heart. You understand me perfectly. You are a good example of Ephesians 5:22 woman. You submit completely to me. I am so proud to have you.” He praised her.

Kade flashed a smile. “Thank you. I know you love me, Priye, and you only want what is best for me. I really did wrong. If someone had seen me talking to Timi, they could have started speculating things that are not.”

Priye grinned from tooth to tooth. Her words gladdened his heart. “I will do anything for you. Just tell me what you want.”

“I just want peace between us, Priye.” She replied.

“Then you have it.” He got up and picked a file he had dropped on the sofa when he came in. “I picked up the courtship form yesterday.” He told her. Kade’s eyes brightened. He liked her reaction. He had taken the right step. They would start courtship soon. “I wanted to tell you about it, but you were not in the right mood to listen.”

“This is so good, Priye. Thank You.” She beamed at him.

He shrugged in response. “It’s the right thing to do. I want us to be among the first batch this time around.” He passed the form to her. “That’s your copy. Fill in the right details. Tomorrow, we will go to Mark’s Clinic to run the recommended tests.”

Kade collected the form. “Why Mark’s Clinic?” She asked, a slight frown on her face.

“That’s the recommended clinic.” Priye explained. Kade nodded in understanding. His eyes shifted to the tray beside her. “I see you want to prepare beans.” He said.

“Oh yes.” She answered. Her eyes dropped to the tray too.

“How about you forget about the beans and I take you out.” He suggested.

“Really?” She replied, leaning forward on the couch with all smiles. Priye gave a nod. She jumped up immediately. She dropped the tray in the kitchen in a dash and came back to the living room.  “Let me get dressed. It was as if I knew something special would happen today; I picked out my red tube gown with a nice jacket.” She crowed in delight. She went into the room and changed into the gown. She stood before him minutes later, waiting for his compliment.

Preye wasn’t impressed. He regarded her with distaste. “Please change this dress, Kade. It’s not suitable for my future wife.”

Kade’s eyes went up and down her red gown. It was nicely made by her tailor, and she liked it. She liked the way the pleating at the front rested on her knees and came together while she walked. What was wrong with it? The question was in her eyes. Priye read it. “Kade, if you need money for a new wardrobe, just tell me. I’ll give you some money, or better still, I’ll take you shopping this weekend. But for now, go in and get something better.”

She said nothing. A smart response could result in another war. Better to avoid it and do what he liked. She went in and changed into a blue peplum gown with a small v-cut at the back. He had given her the dress to celebrate their first month together. When she stepped out this time, he gave an appreciative smile.

“Now that’s a better look for my future wife. People will respect you when they see you dressed like this and coming out of my car.”

Kade allowed his compliment wash over her. It made her feel good, despite what she had paid to get it. As they left her apartment, she resolved to keep her relationship with Priye. The simplest way to do it: submit totally to him.

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Author: Faith Prosper-Idolor

Faith Prosper-Idolor is a lover of inspirational Christian fiction, and she finds pleasure writing in this genre. Her love for writing and passion for youth evangelism have inspired stories with a rich blend of fiction and inspiration that cut across love, faith and family. She writes stories as inspired by God to touch the lives of her readers.

9 thoughts on “I do or I don’t EP 5”

  1. There is a thin line between happiness and joy, she is clouded with something beyond her experience. I pity her, it’s a two way thing.


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