I do or I don’t EP 6

Welcome back, friends. Let’s find out what Kade is up to in this episode.

Episode Six

It was the second week since she reconciled with Priye, and they had not argued or quarreled over anything. It was a miracle. Kade laughed out loud when she ended her call with him on the last day of the second week. She jumped up and swirled around.

Tari rolled her eyes at her when she sat down. “Why the drama?” She asked.

Kade threw her hand over her friend’s shoulder. “Drama you say, I call it a miracle.” She replied. Tari crossed her arms and waited for her explanation. “Priye has changed.” She announced proudly.

Tari let out a mocking laughter. “Can a Leopard change his skin?” She said in a tone heavy with sarcasm. She quickly apologized when she saw the anger in Kade’s eyes. “I’m truly sorry, Kade. It’s just hard to believe.”

“Well, he has.” Kade told her. Her tone lost its cheerfulness. “He promised two weeks ago that he wouldn’t get angry again, and he has kept to his words.” Despite the disbelief in Tari’s eyes, Kade’s eyes danced with excitement again. “Last week, I thought he was going to get angry when I missed his call and didn’t call back; he didn’t, Tari. He called me instead, and informed me he wanted us to go see his aunty.” Her face radiated with joy as she spoke.

Tried as she might, Tari couldn’t get excited for her friend. She had witnessed a lot from the day Priye slapped Kade in her presence. He never apologized. She still did not know how they settled the issue back then. She was actually scared for her friend, especially now that they were about to start courtship. She hadn’t been able to shake off the dread that settled on her when Kade announced with all glee that they would be starting courtship classes in a few weeks. She couldn’t talk to anyone without being accused of jealousy. She let out a resigned sigh. All she could do was to pray for her. “Let’s pray it continues like this.” She said.

“Oh it will, definitely. I feel it strongly in my spirit. All is well between Priye and me.” Kade responded in a serious tone. She looked thoughtful for a while, then she shook her head. “Anyway, I’m going to meet with him later. What would you like me to get you?”

Tari shook her. “Nothing. I’m okay.”

“Let me go and change.” Kade jumped to her feet, humming as she went. “We’re going to do great, oh I’m so sure. Yeah!!!” she screamed.

She wasn’t so sure an hour later when she sat with Priye in a restaurant and her phone rang loudly. The smile on his face fizzled out immediately. She had broken another rule: phone must be on silence during outings.

“Oh I’m sorry, Priye. I forgot to put my phone on silence.” She quickly apologized, snatching her phone from the table. The caller ID caused her heart to thud against her ribcage. What a wrong time to call, Timi, she cried within her. She ended the call and put her phone on silence.

Priye studied her carefully. “Who was that?” He demanded, his tone taking a hard edge.

Oh no! Oh no! A tiny voice sang in her head. How would she get out of this mess? She looked around and realized an argument with Priye would be so embarrassing, considering the people around. The restaurant was packed full. People stood at the counter making purchase too. How would she walk out of the place if Priye ended up creating a scene? She mused. His voice snapped her out of her thought.

“Who called you just now, Kade?” He barked at her.

Kade turned to him. She tried to still her trembling heart. “You don’t know the person.” She said evasively, chewing on her lower lip.

Priye raised his eyes in mockery. “Oh really?” He said. Kade gave a small nod. “Let’s see about that. Let me have your phone.” He ordered. Kade held on to her phone like her life depended on it. “Kade, give it to me.” He warned. She didn’t release it. He pulled it from her shaky fingers. He scrolled through her call log. Anger burned like coal in his eyes when he raised them to her. Kade shut her eyes tightly, praying desperately for help in her heart. “You are so ungrateful.” He fired at her in a loathsome voice. “You are so shameless. I knelt before you and begged you to allow peace in our relationship. You accepted, but you have been making a fool of me.” He grasped her hands across the table.

“Please, please, Priye, I’m sorry. I only called him to apologize, but he never picked my calls. I never knew he would return the calls today.” Her eyes darted back and forth looking for a saviour. None was forth coming. Only a few spared them a glance before turning back to their own discussions. She took a deep breath. Let it be quickly over, Lord, she prayed.

“You called him to apologize? You insult me, Kade. You are so cheap.” He smashed her phone on the ground. The phone broke into several pieces. Several eyes turned to them and stayed there. Kade watched the horror movie playing out before her. He bent over and picked her sim cards. He raised them for her to see and then placed them on the table. He picked the knife from his plate of rice and used it to make marks on the sim cards. When he was sure the cards were damaged enough, he cut them into two, one after the other. She gasped in shock. Her hands flew to her mouth. “Let’s see how you will continue talking to your lover.” His mouth twisted in a sneer.

Kade remained in shock for a few seconds, but then she shook herself. Everything was real. Priye had just smashed her phone on the ground and destroyed her sim cards. People whispered around, their eyes on them. She went ballistic. “You are a beast, Priye, an animal.” She vented. She didn’t wait for his response. She snatched her bag from the table. “It’s over. You hear me, Priye, it is O-V-E-R, over!” she screamed with all her might.

With shoulders raised high, she walked out of the restaurant. She didn’t look back at Priye neither did she acknowledge those applauding her.

Is Kade going to stick to her decision? Leave your comments, friends. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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Author: Faith Prosper-Idolor

Faith Prosper-Idolor is a lover of inspirational Christian fiction, and she finds pleasure writing in this genre. Her love for writing and passion for youth evangelism have inspired stories with a rich blend of fiction and inspiration that cut across love, faith and family. She writes stories as inspired by God to touch the lives of her readers.

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