I do or I d0n’t EP 7

Dear friends, I’ll like  us to look away from Kade in this episode and give reasons why we feel Priye is acting the way he is despite being a Christian. Please share your thoughts in the comment box. Happy reading!

Episode Seven

Kade regretted answering Mummy Daniel’s call. If she had ignored it, she wouldn’t be seated beside Priye listening to her message of reconciliation. It angered her a great deal that Priye’s desperation had brought them before their Pastor’s wife. He had tried all to reconcile with her after she stormed off a week ago, but she had avoided him, wanting him to suffer. He even approached Tari in his desperation. Trust Tari, she put him in his place. She didn’t mince words when she told him to work on himself, to do more than apologize all the time. She had told him firmly he had problems and should do something about them. He had insisted his only problem was loving Kade too much. Tari had huffed in frustration at that and sent him off then. Kade had to wonder too if there was more to Priye’s anger than his obvious insecurity and high relationship standard.

Running to Mummy Daniel was his last hope. She was like a mother hawk to the youths in the church. They all came under her motherly wings. It was therefore not surprising that Priye had run to her for help.

“Kade, you and Priye are my children. I want the best for you both. I was filled with joy when we got to know about your relationship. Priye has always been a good man, and you are a good woman yourself. You’re pillars in this church. Coming together as husband and wife will enhance the growth of our church. No one will leave. God will add to you both and increase the church.” She told them in a patronizing voice.

Kade rolled her eyes. Mummy Daniel talked about the benefits of their relationship for several minutes. Kade looked from the decorated altar to the choir stand. She counted the arranged chairs on different rows. She fixed her eyes on the moving ceiling fans and counted one to hundred. A deep frown etched on her face as Mummy Daniel continued outlining the merits of their relationship. Just as she was about to cut into her monologue, Mummy Daniel mercifully switched to the main reason why she had sent for her. She leaned towards them.

“You see, Kade, we all have our weaknesses. We are not all perfect. When God brings us together in a union as unique as marriage, then we have to build on our partner’s strength and help his weaknesses. Priye told me everything that happened between both of you a week ago.” She said.

“What did he tell you, mummy?” Kade couldn’t resist asking.

“That’s not important, Kade. What is important is your forgiveness. Let everything that happened a week ago be like a bad dream. Take it that the enemy is trying to sow tares in your relationship.” She admonished in a motherly tone.

“I’ll like to know what he told you, mummy.” Kade insisted, throwing Priye a suspicious look.

Priye cut off Mummy Daniel’s response. “I told her we had a little misunderstanding because I was not comfortable with a friend of yours. You didn’t like my interference and left me in anger.” His eyes were shifty as he explained. He didn’t look at her. He seemed more fascinated with the blue and yellow design on the church’s altar.

Kade sat up and gaped at him when he finally met her eyes. Angry words flew about her heart. The one that came to the tip of her tongue was beast. How good it would be to call him a beast in the presence of an ignorant Mummy Daniel. She would lay all his secrets bare before the mummy of the church. Her lips curved in a wicked smile as she pictured Mummy Daniel’s motherly face twisting with shock when she heard all Priye was keeping away from her.

Priye saw the fury in her eyes, and he read her mind. He mouthed the word please. She looked away from him. “Mummy, Priye didn’t conclude the story.” She said, getting set for her onslaught. She drummed on the arm of the chair with her fingers.

Again Priye stalled Mummy Daniel’s response. “Kade, I’m very sorry. It was totally my fault. I shouldn’t have gotten angry. I know you feel like I’m denying you of your freedom, but I’m only trying to protect what we have. Please don’t destroy it. I beg you in the name of God. Don’t let the devil rejoice over us.” His eyes glistened with tears. He searched his trouser pocket for his handkerchief. He drew out the hankie from his back pocket and dabbed his eyes.

Mummy Daniel sighed. “It’s okay, Priye. My dear Kade, forgive him for his wrong. I have already spoken to him. He knows it is wrong to cage a woman. Let peace reign. Don’t start your courtship class next week with this. Start on a good note. Forgive him.” She implored.

Tears burned at Kade’s eyelids. She trained her eyes on Priye. She hated him so much and yet, she loved him. Was it madness or what? His bent head tugged at her heart. What would be the end if she told Mummy Daniel who he really was? They would become laughing stock in the church. People would wonder why she claimed it was God’s will and still backed out of it. She shook her head sadly. Everything was so complicated.

“You don’t have to cry, Kade. This is just a phase. Offences will occur but you have to learn to forgive each other and move on.” Mummy Daniel touched her arm.

“Thank You, mummy.” She sniffed. “I have forgiven Priye.” She twisted her fingers.

“Hallelujah!” Mummy Daniel exclaimed in joy. “Let us pray.”

She prayed for their relationship to go smoothly. She prayed for heaven to supply all their needs. She also prayed for the spirit of oneness.

They both expressed their thanks to her. She wished them peace and left. Both of them walked in silence to where Priye’s car was parked. Kade made to walk on but Priye stopped her. He held her arm. She looked down at it and then back to his face. He didn’t drop it.

“My life is miserable without you, Kade. This past week has been terrible. I had no peace. I know I really hurt you, but I ask for your forgiveness.” He sent her a pleading look.

“Why didn’t you tell Mummy Daniel the truth?” She asked.

He released her arm and moved from one foot to the other. “I couldn’t tell her. She could alert the pastor and call off our courtship. I didn’t want that.” He took her hand again, desperation showing in his eyes. “We’ll be fine, Kade.”

Her eyes clouded with doubts. “Are you sure?”

“I’m very sure. Just don’t leave me please.” He begged. He made to go on his knees, but she stopped him.

“It’s okay. We’ll work everything out.” She assured him in a bland tone.

He didn’t mind her tone. He hugged her lightly and released her almost immediately. “Oh, thank you, Kade.” He beamed at her. “I have something for you.” He opened the car and brought out a pack. He extended it to her. “I got you a new phone. It’s far better than what you had before.” When she hesitated, he placed it in her hand. “Take it, Kade, as my apology.”

“Thank you.” She said, scrutinizing the pack.

“Oh let me give you the receipt.” He rummaged through his wallet and brought out a piece of paper. He passed it to her.

Without the receipt she knew he had spent a small fortune on the phone. When she looked at the receipt, it confirmed her thought. He smiled with satisfaction when she thanked him again.

“I got you a new sim card too.” He told her.

She shook her head. “No need, I retrieved my old lines already.”

The smile seemed to freeze on his face. “But… but…” he stuttered.

“We just settled Priye, don’t start something else.” He shrugged, his happy look sliding off his face. Kade pitied him. “Don’t worry, Priye, you are the only one I love.” She reassured him with a smile.

“Thank you. I promise never to hurt you again.”

Whether he would keep his promise or not, Kade did not know. All she knew was they were back where they left off again. It could either get better or worse.

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Author: Faith Prosper-Idolor

Faith Prosper-Idolor is a lover of inspirational Christian fiction, and she finds pleasure writing in this genre. Her love for writing and passion for youth evangelism have inspired stories with a rich blend of fiction and inspiration that cut across love, faith and family. She writes stories as inspired by God to touch the lives of her readers.

11 thoughts on “I do or I d0n’t EP 7”

  1. I don’t think Priye has changed, he needs to work on his anger by allowing the love of God to radiate in his heart and also what is his family background like because it is difficult for children to act outside what they grew up with be it positive or negative.


  2. To me this is not love. Love is outside pity. Kade only feel pity for priye. Feeling pity in a relationship sometimes ends in regrets. Pls kade come out of it before it is too late.


  3. Priye has the character of a person with a dysfunctional upbringing because his possessiveness might be due to the fact that he didn’t grow up in a loving atmosphere, someone of the opposite sex might have betrayed him when he had no money which is why he keeps flaunting the receipt or the mum was involved in extramarital affairs with richer men. His problem is a deep-rooted issue and attaching CCTV to Madam Kade’s body won’t be of great help. He needs to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist, his mind and emotions have to be worked on. Sorry for the long epistle dear.


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