I do or I don’t EP 8

Welcome back, friends, to another time with Kade and Priye after an amazing break. Enjoy this episode

Episode Eight

Kade was extremely pleased with Priye’s change. She stopped walking around him on tip toes. It was obvious a good thing was happening to them. Days rolled into weeks and weeks into a month, and they spent it all in love and joy. No insulting word passed between them. She didn’t use her balm anymore. Tari noticed the change too. She prayed for God to keep it that way.

Priye already won the heart of many in their courtship class. He asked intelligent questions and made insightful contributions. She was so proud of him. Questions were always directed at him. They were the super couple of the class. It made her look forward to each courtship class.

She smiled broadly as she prepared for yet another class. She pressed her perfume behind her ear lobes. She sprayed a little on her wrists and rubbed them together. She sniffed the air and liked the fragrance. She straightened the collar on her simple black lace top. The top was properly tucked into her white pleated skirt, flowing around her knees. Her fair face was lightly powered. She picked a red scarf from her wardrobe to match her red sandal. She wound it around her neck. She looked herself over and gave an approving smile. She looked good, and she liked it. Priye liked her looking extra good for their classes. She slung her bag over her shoulder and left for the venue.

She took the stairs to their class when she got to the church premises. Some couples were already around. She greeted them cheerfully, and they responded the same way.

Priye was late. She dialled his number, but he didn’t pick the call. She tried it two more times before the class started. Her eyes went to the door severally. She was a bit worried since he didn’t tell her he would be late. They were thirty minutes into the day’s lesson when he stepped in.

He found his way to her and took the seat beside her. It was a class rule for each couple to sit beside each other. If either of the partner got to the class before the other, then he or she must keep a seat for the late partner. That was what Kade did. What Priye did wrong was taking the seat without being told to by the presiding minister. That was another class rule. Once you were more than ten minutes late to class, you must stand until you were told to sit down by whoever was in charge. Priye didn’t do that. He got a sharp rebuke from the minister in charge.

“Young man, please stand up.” The minister told him. “You can’t come in here whenever you like and sit down.”

Priye’s face hardened. He pushed the chair back and went to rest against the wall without an apology. The minster regarded him for a few seconds before turning back to the lesson. Kade turned to look at him and saw his defiant stance. Her forehead glistened with sweat. She started praying within her. Her prayer point was simple: let all go well today.

She felt her taut muscles relaxing when the class continued in peace. Just when she was feeling totally relaxed, another issue came up. Priye turned off the industrial fan that was meant to make the class conducive.

The minister fixed him with a stern look. “Why did you switch off the fan?” He asked, setting his manual down.

“I couldn’t hear you.” Priye replied nonchalantly.

“Then you could have moved away from there.” The Minister told him.

“You asked me to stand, where do you expect me to go?” he stated in a rude tone.

Soft gasps echoed in the room. People started whispering all around the room. Kade placed her head on the table to hide her shame.

“Please leave this class. When you’re ready to learn, you come back.” The minister fired at him.

Priye hissed and walked straight out of the class without an apology. Kade prayed for the ground to open and swallow her up. This was her biggest embarrassment so far. She felt the pitiful stares of those around her. Even the minister looked at her with pity.

How she survived the rest of the class, she didn’t know. Once the class ended she took to her heels. She didn’t even look back when someone called to her that the minister wanted to see her. She would rather see him when she was not filled with so much shame.

She took the stairs in twos, flying away from her place of shame. It was dark when she got outside. The light evening breeze cooled her a little. She walked out of the church premises to wait for a cab by the roadside. Only a few persons moved on the road or stood waiting for cab like her.

She rubbed her left arm, feeling cold. Cars sped on the smooth road. None stopped. The trees around cast an eerie shadow on the dimly lit road. Just when she was thinking of walking away from the bus-stop to the filling station a few steps away, a car drove straight and parked in front of her. It was Priye.

He asked her in, and she did. He drove a few minutes away from the bus-stop, right past the filling station. He moved down to a more deserted part of the road and parked.

“Why did you stop?” She asked him, looking around. She saw no one around. Across the road was an estate and the gate was locked. Trees lined the side of the road where Priye parked. She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat.

Priye was not bothered by her discomfort. “Why didn’t you leave when I was sent out of the class, Kade?” He asked, scowling.

Kade looked at him like he had gone mad. “Why should I leave?” She replied in bewilderment.

Her answer did not please him. It seemed to fuel whatsoever was raging within him. “You say you love me, yet you allowed that man insult me like that. You couldn’t even say a word in my defence. When I was finally humiliated, you sat back to enjoy my humiliation, right?” He bawled at her, pinning her with angry eyes.

Kade shook her head. “This is madness, Priye, total madness.” She retorted. “When you realize what you did today, then we’ll talk. I’m going home to cool off.” She opened the door and stepped out. Priye stepped out at the same time and blocked her path. “Let me go, Priye. We are both not in the right frame of mind for a reasonable discussion.” She pushed him. He didn’t bulge. She turned the other way and fled. She wasn’t fast enough because Priye caught up with her easily. He grasped her shoulder. “You’re hurting me, Priye. Let me go please.” She said in a panicky tone.

Priye’s face was dark with fury. “You want to walk away from me because I have troubles? You won’t leave me.” He sent her flying to the ground with a backhand.

Kade landed on the hard ground with her right hand. Pain rippled through her. She tasted blood in her mouth. Her hand went to her lower lip. It was bleeding. Priye moved menacingly towards her where she was on the ground. She crawled away from him. “Please don’t do this, Priye. Don’t let the devil use you.” She begged.

He gave a wicked laugh. His face was twisted with hatred. Kade saw him clearly. She knew this was beyond the push, grasp and insults. Priye was mad. She looked around. No one was still around. The place was still as deserted as she observed minutes ago. Hope set in the next second when a car stopped in front of the estate gate. She didn’t mind that the wind would make it difficult for her to be heard. She would have to try her luck, instead of enduring Priye’s beating. She screamed out her lungs. “Help! Somebody Help!”

He saw the car too. He rushed to her quickly and picked her up like a heap of clothes. He landed a punch to her mid-section. She doubled over as the pain shot through her body. She started coughing. Priye bent over her. She steeled herself against his blow. It never came. Instead, a voice ordered him to stop.

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Author: Faith Prosper-Idolor

Faith Prosper-Idolor is a lover of inspirational Christian fiction, and she finds pleasure writing in this genre. Her love for writing and passion for youth evangelism have inspired stories with a rich blend of fiction and inspiration that cut across love, faith and family. She writes stories as inspired by God to touch the lives of her readers.

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