Hey, guys. Compliment of the season. My pen is on holiday. I’ll be back after the holiday to continue with Nimi, Laye and Ken. See you soon. Happy Holidays! 


Darkened Light

It took me a while but I’m finally. I started this story sometime last year and now it is completed and available for read (soft-copy only). Below is the blurb.

Darkened light is a touching story of love, faith, betrayal, sin and redemption.


Kome knew getting involved with someone like Nimi was a bad idea from the start, but she couldn’t stop her magnetic response to his charms and good looks. But with the expectations of her exuberant and good natured mother, the trust of her friend Maro and her relationship with God all in the balance, Kome knew she had to banish every single sinful thought about Nimi and resist his strong advances within the three weeks she had to stay at the NYSC orientation camp, and also win souls for Christ… At least that was the plan…

This book is available on Follow this link to get it

You can also get this book directly by sending a text message to 08068182945 or an email to

Question of the Week

If you haven’t read I do or I don’t better do so now by downloading it free of charge right here. Something special Will start soon and that’s weekly questions. 

The questions Will come from I do or I don’t. Four questions each month. If you can answer all, then I’ll give you a surprised gift. Believe me, you’ll like my gift. Hurry now and read I do or I don’t (The story of Kade and Priye) 


We all love varieties, and as they say, it is the spice of life. to spice up HiWritings, I’ve decided to publish a weekly write-up tagged “Dear Soul Sister”. It’s going to address issues bordering on life, love and faith lessons.

I’ll be posting the first write-up tagged “Little foxes” on Tuesday.

Do not miss it!