I do or I don’t EP 5

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Episode Five

He stood before her as docile as a lamb. He kept his hands behind his back. He had a regretful look on his clean-shaven face. Gone was the fierce anger that had been eating him up for two days. She didn’t get up from where she sat picking beans. She regarded him for a few seconds and continued with what she was doing. She would not let his richly-oiled afro distract her. She would not be taken by his dressing either. It didn’t matter that he had tried to look his best as usual sporting a red polo with white stripes on blue jeans.

He sensed her withdrawal and came to kneel in front of her. “Kade, I’m really sorry. I was just so angry. You know I do all I do because I love you. My life would be shattered if you leave me.” He said. Sad lines crossed his face.

Kade set the tray of beans aside. She folded her arms across her chest. “We can’t continue like this, Priye. You scare me all the time.” She told him, her eyes mirroring her pain.

He made to touch her but stopped himself. He puffed his cheeks and blew out air gradually. “Don’t make this difficult for me, Kade. I really want you to forgive me. You know I don’t get angry without a reason. What you did was wrong.” He stated in an accusing tone, arching his eyebrows.

Kade nodded, slowly, thoughtfully. “But must you react violently? Can’t we just talk things over?” She questioned. “Can’t we just have a normal relationship?”

Priye rested on his heels. He looked away from her. “Then stop doing things that will provoke me, Kade. I won’t get angry if you can just behave normally.” His tone was flat. She watched him in silence. He turned to face her after a while. “I came to reassure you of my love, Kade. Sending you away yesterday was because of the mood you were in. We could have done something sinful.”

Kade balled her fists and pressed them against her sides. She wanted so much to scream out her frustration, but it would do no good. She inhaled and exhaled air for a while to calm her fray nerves. Peace will reign if I do what he likes, what I think will save our relationship, she told herself silently. If this is going to work out then I have to play by his rule. “I have heard you, Priye. Let’s just forget about everything.”

A smile lit up his sombre face. “That’s what I want, Kade. I love you because you are so submissive. No one can replace you in my heart. You understand me perfectly. You are a good example of Ephesians 5:22 woman. You submit completely to me. I am so proud to have you.” He praised her.

Kade flashed a smile. “Thank you. I know you love me, Priye, and you only want what is best for me. I really did wrong. If someone had seen me talking to Timi, they could have started speculating things that are not.”

Priye grinned from tooth to tooth. Her words gladdened his heart. “I will do anything for you. Just tell me what you want.”

“I just want peace between us, Priye.” She replied.

“Then you have it.” He got up and picked a file he had dropped on the sofa when he came in. “I picked up the courtship form yesterday.” He told her. Kade’s eyes brightened. He liked her reaction. He had taken the right step. They would start courtship soon. “I wanted to tell you about it, but you were not in the right mood to listen.”

“This is so good, Priye. Thank You.” She beamed at him.

He shrugged in response. “It’s the right thing to do. I want us to be among the first batch this time around.” He passed the form to her. “That’s your copy. Fill in the right details. Tomorrow, we will go to Mark’s Clinic to run the recommended tests.”

Kade collected the form. “Why Mark’s Clinic?” She asked, a slight frown on her face.

“That’s the recommended clinic.” Priye explained. Kade nodded in understanding. His eyes shifted to the tray beside her. “I see you want to prepare beans.” He said.

“Oh yes.” She answered. Her eyes dropped to the tray too.

“How about you forget about the beans and I take you out.” He suggested.

“Really?” She replied, leaning forward on the couch with all smiles. Priye gave a nod. She jumped up immediately. She dropped the tray in the kitchen in a dash and came back to the living room.  “Let me get dressed. It was as if I knew something special would happen today; I picked out my red tube gown with a nice jacket.” She crowed in delight. She went into the room and changed into the gown. She stood before him minutes later, waiting for his compliment.

Preye wasn’t impressed. He regarded her with distaste. “Please change this dress, Kade. It’s not suitable for my future wife.”

Kade’s eyes went up and down her red gown. It was nicely made by her tailor, and she liked it. She liked the way the pleating at the front rested on her knees and came together while she walked. What was wrong with it? The question was in her eyes. Priye read it. “Kade, if you need money for a new wardrobe, just tell me. I’ll give you some money, or better still, I’ll take you shopping this weekend. But for now, go in and get something better.”

She said nothing. A smart response could result in another war. Better to avoid it and do what he liked. She went in and changed into a blue peplum gown with a small v-cut at the back. He had given her the dress to celebrate their first month together. When she stepped out this time, he gave an appreciative smile.

“Now that’s a better look for my future wife. People will respect you when they see you dressed like this and coming out of my car.”

Kade allowed his compliment wash over her. It made her feel good, despite what she had paid to get it. As they left her apartment, she resolved to keep her relationship with Priye. The simplest way to do it: submit totally to him.

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I do or I don’t EP 4

Love is blind…. Love covers a multitude of sins…
The above sayings couldn’t be truer than the situation Kade found herself in with Priye, her prince charming. Priye was all any woman would ever want in a man; tall, handsome, rich. Kade couldn’t quite believe that he was all hers… Their relationship was the envy of all, but few knew the agony and pain she was hiding inside. Would their love be enough to keep their boat afloat? Find out in this enthralling tale of love, abuse, disappointment and hope.

Episode Four

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Tari was reading a book when Kade got home. She lifted her eyes off the book briefly to look at her and went back to it without saying a word. Kade dropped her bag on the sofa and sank to the floor. She rested her back against the sofa. Tari kept her nose buried in her book.

“I’m sorry, Tari.” Kade said, gently. There was no sign that Tari heard her. She made no movement. “Tari, I’m sorry.” She repeated, raising her voice.

Tari dropped the book on her laps. She fixed her with a bland look. “And what do you want me to say to that?” She asked, her face flushed with anger. “Oh Kade, my lovely friend, you’re free to insult me whenever you like, especially when I advise you as a friend.” She said in a sing song voice.

Kade winced at the picture her words brought to her mind. “You know that’s not how it is, Tari.” She rubbed her forehead. She could feel a headache setting in.

“How is it, Kade?” Tari straightened in her seat. “Tell me, so I’ll understand.”

Kade pursed her lips. “Please forgive me. What I said was very wrong. I should never have said that. We have come a long way, Tari, and I don’t want to destroy it.” She pleaded. Her head was pounding now. She pressed a hand to her forehead.

Tari considered this for a few heartbeats. She let out a sigh. The anger left her face. “You really hurt me, Kade, but let’s just forget it. Listen, I’m not trying to ruin your relationship with Priye. I’m only concerned about you. This relationship seem to be taking a toll on you. It’s as if you’re in bondage.”

Kade bit her lower lip, holding back the tears threatening to roll down. Crying would only confirm that Tari’s concern was the truth. She really felt caged with Priye. She had to figure it out by herself, especially after Priye threw her out of his house. She closed her eyes and counted to ten, reining her emotions. When she was sure of her composure, she spoke up. “It’s not that easy you know.” She said in distant voice.

Tari dropped to the floor too and drew near her. “Kade, it is. Tell him you are no longer interested.”

Kade looked away from the concern in her friend’s eyes. “What do I tell Pastor Daniel? When I gave him my response six months back, I told him I was sure Priye was the one because the Holy Spirit confirmed it. He’ll want to know why I am ending it, and I can’t tell him. If I do, Priye’s reputation will be ruined in the church. I’ll become an object of pity. Priye and I will become message topics. I can’t take that, and I know Priye can’t too. You also know how good he has been to me.” She pointed out in a small voice, looking down on her palms.

Tari tried not to snap at her friend when she responded. She drew out her words one after the other, as if that way, Kade would understand. “Kade, none of the reasons you have given matters. It’s your life we are talking about here; your future. Pastor Daniel and the church will not be the ones to live with this guy if you eventually say ‘I do’ to him. You will face it alone, and it will be difficult for you to leave then. The talk you’re trying to avoid now will come to you in full force. There’ll be people who will even fault you for wanting to leave him then. Some will never understand what you’re going through. It is better you leave now. The opportunity is still wide open, take it and live Kade; live for yourself. Forget about his reputation and generosity.”

Kade looked unconvinced. “We love each other.” She countered in a near whisper.

Tari huffed in frustration, throwing her hands up. “There is no love in this, Kade. It’s just obsession. Open your pretty eyes and see, my friend.” She moved back to the sofa and picked up her book.

Long after they turned in for the night, Kade stayed awake, thinking about her relationship with Priye. The stakes were too high, and she couldn’t take them. There would be too much talk in church. People she had boasted to would turn around and laugh at her. People who envied her would become her mockers. She would be termed desperate. She would have to start all over again with another man. What if he was worse than Priye? If she kept removing the wood from the fire because she felt they were bad, when exactly would the food be ready? Was it not better to stick with the devil she knew than to go with an unknown angel?

No, she shook her head, she would work things out with Priye. Once their courtship classes started in church, everything would be fine. They would work through their issues and all would be well.

It was this mind-set she had when Priye showed up in her house the next day.

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Heartmatter series: I do or I don’t Ep 3

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Episode Three

Kade walked down the street where Priye lived. She had an umbrella because of the rain that evening. The street was deserted. Only a few people stayed in the shelter of their shops. The tip of her skirt was completely soaked. She picked her steps around the water-filled potholes in the street. Lightening flashed across the sky.  She was tempted to take cover in one of the open shops but thought better of it. She was five minutes late already and couldn’t afford another five minutes away from Priye. If only she had gotten an empty tricycle to charter. The rain discouraged tricycle riders. After standing under the rain for close to fifteen minutes, she had finally gotten the one that dropped her at Priye’s bus-stop, leaving her to walk down the street.

The wind blew the umbrella out of her hands. She ran after it and picked it up. She moved out of the way of a speeding tricycle coming down the street. Despite her effort to avoid it, it still splashed water on her already wet skirt. She groaned in displeasure. She moved her umbrella aside. “Hey!” she shouted after the fast moving tricycle. Of course the rider didn’t hear her.

She wiped off the water from her face. So much for the time she put into getting ready, she thought in anguish, shaking the water off her skirt. Priye would definitely complain about her look. She shrugged. The rain was not her fault. Still, she wished it hadn’t rain. She would have had no reason to argue with Tari about visiting Priye in such weather. She replayed their argument in her mind again.

“Really, Kade, must you go? Why can’t you just call him and fix another time?” Tari questioned. Her eyes showed her disapproval.

Kade smacked her lips with her brown lip gloss before answering her friend. “I have to see him now. I mean right now.” She rolled her braids into an onion ball. She turned around as she checked her appearance in the mirror.

Tari huffed in frustration. “Check out the weather, Kade. It’s still raining heavily.” She pulled up the curtain covering the window.

Kade saw the rain quite alright, but there was nothing she could do about it. She slung her bag over her shoulder. She sent a pleading look to Tari. “I’ll charter ‘keke’ to his house if that will ease your mind.”

Tari turned away from her, but not before she saw the pity in her eyes. “When will you come back to your senses, Kade? It’s as if you’re totally consumed by this guy.” She commented.

Her words grated Kade’s nerves. She was already nervous about meeting Priye, and Tari was not helping matters. “He has a name, Tari. Please, call him by his name.” Her tone took a sharp edge.

Tari fixed her with surprised eyes. “Well, do what you like. It’s your life after all.” She gave a nonchalant shrug and turned back to look at the rain.

Feeling dismissed, Kade got angry. She hadn’t meant to raise her voice, but that was what she did. “Fine, it’s my life, so stop poke nosing. You know nothing about love, about relationships because you haven’t had any real one.” She immediately regretted her words the moment they left her mouth; she couldn’t take them back. The hurt in Tari’s eyes was so raw. She had hit her below the belt. After regarding her with a look that could burn a hole in her skin, Tari left her in the room.

Kade let out a soft sigh. She would settle with Tari when she got back home. For now she had to tame the tiger waiting for her in the apartment just a few feet away.

It was drizzling now. She picked up her pace. Once she got to the house, she pushed open the small gate and went straight to Priye’s flat. The protector gate was locked. She hit the padlock against the iron so as to draw his attention.

It didn’t take long before Priye came to open the door. He didn’t smile at her, neither did he utter a word to her.  He just opened the door and went back inside. Kade stepped in and locked the gate. She dropped her umbrella at the veranda and went to join him in the living room.

He was seated on his two-seater couch, his eyes fixed on the television. He didn’t even acknowledge her presence. She breathed in and out. It was obvious he was still seething. It was her fault indeed, she concluded within her. She should have known better. She should have picked his calls. She knew he would be waiting to drop her off.  She shouldn’t have stayed back to talk to Timi, despite her excitement of seeing him again after so many years. Timi hadn’t picked any of her calls since yesterday. Her offences were piling up.

She went on her knees. “My love, I’m very sorry for what happened yesterday.” She said softly. “I should have answered your call. I was wrong to have stood there talking to another man.” She kept her tone as patronizing as possible.

He fixed her with hard eyes, pointing the TV remote at her. “You should be sorry, Kade. You should be very sorry. How could you have been so stupid as to keep me waiting because of that good-for-nothing fool?” His words rushed out in anger.

Kade closed her eyes. Oh Lord, let him calm down. She prayed silently.

“What do you want that I haven’t given you? What will make you stand me up for another guy? His car is not better than mine. I’m very sure he doesn’t have as much money as I do. Does he?” He demanded in a thunderous tone, slamming the remote control against the couch.

Kade shifted where she knelt. “I don’t know.” She replied, feeling the first wave of fear.

Priye didn’t like her answer. He got up and stood right in front of her, looking down at her in disgust. Kade shifted again. He grabbed her by the neck. “You think I’m joking with you, Kade? You’re telling me you don’t know how rich your lover is. You expect me to believe that.”

Wave after wave of fear hit her. Her fingers behind her back started shaking. She clasped them tighter. “I swear, Priye, I don’t know. I rea-lly don’t know, Priye.” She stuttered.

He pushed her and she landed on the floor. “Then what were you doing with him?” he asked.

“We were friends in secondary school. He left the country after our final examination. I met him by chance when I went to buy recharge card.” She explained. Tears glistened in her eyes. After regarding her for a few seconds, Priye moved back to his seat. “Believe me, Priye, I love you; just you.”

“I find that hard to believe.” He snorted in disgust. He picked up the remote control again and started flipping through TV channels.

She crawled to him and placed her hands on his lap. “Believe me, my love, you mean everything to me.”

He pushed off her hands, anger exploding in his eyes. He jumped up at once. “Are you trying to seduce me, Kade? Are you trying to ruin my testimony?”

Oh God, what have I done this time? How did I forget his ‘no-touching rule’? She cried within her.

“You’re shameless, so shameless.” He spat at her. “Get out of my house and go back home. Call me when you can control your emotions.” He turned and walked into his room. The door banged loudly.

Kade fell to the floor and wept bitterly.

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Heartmatter Series: “I do or I don’t” EP2

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Episode Two

The flat Kade shared with her friend was quiet. Tari was not back from work. She was grateful for this.  One look at her and Tari would have known something was wrong with her. She seemed to have this uncanny ability to fish out Kade’s secret. She was not ready for her friend’s probing just yet. She needed the space to get herself together, and to remind herself why she was still with Priye.

She peeled off her clothes and dumped them in a basket. She made her way to the bathroom. When she stood in front of the mirror, she couldn’t recognize herself. Her eyes were swollen from her tears. Tears that Priye brought to her eyes. Tears that lasted all through the journey from the church to the house. She turned one arm to the other and saw the marks of Priye’s fingers on them. Her chiffon top had done nothing to save her from Priye’s biting fingers.

She sighed. She turned the bathroom tap and realized water was running. She picked her shower cap from the hanger and stood under the shower. As the water coursed through her body, memories clouded her mind.

She went back to the day Pastor Daniel called her to his office and informed her of Priye’s proposal. It was like a dream. She’d been totally dazed when he told her of Priye’s intention towards her. He concluded by asking her to pray. She was completely consumed by her importance. Of all the sisters in the youth fellowship, Priye had chosen her. Her excitement was palpable as she shared the news with her friends. Brother Priye – handsome, eloquent, gentle and above all, God-fearing – wanted to marry her. She didn’t forget to add rich. He had a nice job with People’s bank, a nice apartment and a nice car. He donated nicely to youth projects in the church. Heaven was definitely smiling on her.

Tari hadn’t seen it that way. She raised objection from the onset. She said Priye was too perfect; way too perfect to be normal. She asked again and again why a person like him was still single at 33. He had all what he needed for his wedding and could provide a comfortable life for his family. She turned deaf ears to Tari’s concern. Okay, she hadn’t been totally deaf to all Tari had raised, but she was certain there was more to Tari’s concern.

Tari was the treasurer of the youth fellowship while Priye, the vice president. They had disagreed in time past over the affairs of the youth. They barely tolerated each other back then. It took the intervention of the youth pastor to get them back on track. So when Tari raised her concerns on Priye’s proposal, she assumed it was more of the bad blood from their past speaking up.

She moved away from the shower and took a deep breathe. Maybe if she had prayed enough about the proposal, she would have gotten the answer. But she’d been too eager to accept Priye. Honestly, who wouldn’t? Some of the ladies in the youth fellowship congratulated her when their relationship became known. She felt on top of the world.

Oh those early days with Priye were wonderful. He was so attentive, so caring and understanding. He wanted nothing but to make her happy. His first present to her was the flat she was living in with her friend Tari. When she complained of the distance of her house to her workplace, he had assured her he would take care of it. She now lived in a comfortable one bedroom flat nicely furnished for free, all thanks to Priye. The house was too big for her alone, and so she had pleaded with Tari to join her.

Kade turned off the tap when she was through. She wrapped her body in her pink towel. She dropped heavily on the bed in the room. Her mind was still filled with the past. Between his tenderness and generosity, she had fallen in love with him. Yes, she loved him hopelessly. Her emphasis being on hopeless, because she could hope for nothing in their relationship.

She massaged her skin with a mild balm. Where she applied it felt cool. She closed her eyes and imagined a peaceful relationship with Priye. How possible was it? He had promised over and over not to hurt her again, but he always did. She’d hidden his volatile temper from Tari. She couldn’t help her knowing what she was going through with Priye. At the end, it was Priye who laid her secret bare before her friend.

That was the day he slapped her right in front of Tari. The slap was given because she’d forgotten to call him back when she missed his calls earlier that fateful day. She tried to sound tough and defend herself, but it earned her a slap. He left afterwards without an apology. His actions shocked Tari to speechlessness, but when she recovered from her shock, her message was quite clear: “Leave that mad man, Kade.”

But she couldn’t.

Beating and all, she was tied to Priye. She owed him a lot. Her heart also loved him. She was also sure of his love. Why then would she leave him when they both loved each other? They were only getting to know each other better. Six months was too short to conclude on a person’s character.

Heartmatter series: “I do or I don’t” EP 1

Episode One


It was too late before Kade saw Priye, or she would have warned Timi. He took large strides towards them from the street on the other side of the road. The sleeves of his starched buttoned-down shirt were rolled up, revealing strong arms. Those arms were balled in fists as he drew closer to them. His deep-set eyes were fixed on her.

What do I do? Kade wondered.

Timi seemed not to notice the distress on her face. He just carried on with their discussion. She looked around for a way of escape. Her eyes went to the supermarket a few feet from where she stood with Timi in front of a woman selling roasted plantain. She could easily hide in the supermarket. There were several people going in and out, and the place had different sections.

Hope lit in her eyes. She took the first step but stopped. Knowing Priye, he would search every corner in that supermarket until he found her. She let out a sigh as she took in other options. She saw none. Where she stood had roadside traders. Most of whom sold fruits. She couldn’t hide under their umbrellas. It would be too open. Priye would catch her easily. The evening breeze touched her skin but failed to cool it. Her eyes remained on the angry man approaching them. He ran across the road towards them. She could see the anger clearly on his face. His jaw was set firmly.

Anyone paying close attention would have admired him. Priye had such effect on people. His tall and athletic built made it easy to draw people to him. The same physique she admired was what scared her now. How would she escape from him, when he stood about 3 feet over her? When her petite stature would be easily eased off the ground by his strong arms?

Priye’s eyes held hers in a steady gaze with an air of authority as he took the last steps to them. She knew what would happened next. However, knowing it did not mean she could stop it. She rubbed her palms on her skirt. She felt her body shivering. No more was she listening to Timi’s talk. Her mind was totally on the angry man making his way towards them.

She spared Timi a glance just before Priye got to them. She pitied him. Priye would easily overshadow him. Even his sturdy build could not stop Priye when he was in one of his moods. She took in Timi’s happy face as he finished the story of his journey to the States. Her eyes went over him quickly. He was smartly dressed in a light blue native attire. She wondered what would happen to his fine clothes after his encounter with Priye. He was going to be in trouble just because of her. She hoped her apology afterwards would be enough to save the friendship they just found. She heaved a heavy sigh as Priye finally got to them.

“So this is the reason why you didn’t pick my call, right?” He bellowed at her, his dark eyes went from her to Timi who stopped talking to look at the newcomer.

She swallowed. “It’s not the way it looks, Priye.” She muttered, trying to keep her fear from her voice. She twisted her fingers to stop her trembling.

He bristled. “Oh shut that lying mouth, Kade. You think I’m a fool, right? You’re trying to say I don’t know what I’m doing, right?” He snarled, causing her heart to beat wildly against her chest. He drew dangerously close to her.

Timi looked at one face to the other, mystified. “What is going on here?” He asked Kade, befuddled. Kade said nothing. She gave him an apologetic look. He didn’t get it. “Kade, what is happening?”

The woman selling roasted plantain stopped fanning her coals and turned to look at them with open curiosity. She adjusted her wrapper and took a step closer. Kade turned her back to her to block her from the unfolding scene. She stretched her hand to touch Priye, but his unblinking eyes stopped her. She read the interpretation: it was war.

“Hey, lover boy,” Priye called to him in utter fury. “So you’re the one keeping Kade away from me, right? What do you think you have? Do you think you can compete with me?” He poked Timi’s chest severally.

Kade made eye contact with Timi. She pressed her lips together and sent him yet another apologetic look. Timi was a man and wouldn’t take insult from a fellow man for no reason. He ignored her silent plea. He sized Priye up. Priye stood over him. He took a step backward. He adjusted the cap on his head, looking up into Priye’s eyes.

“This is total madness.” He bawled at Priye, raising his muscular shoulders. “You don’t even know who I am, or what I have with Kade. You can’t go about vomiting nonsense. Who exactly do you think you are? Bill Gate’s son?” He demanded, sounding tough.

Kade saw what would happened next. The moment Priye flexed his jaw muscles she knew Timi was in hot soup. Timi didn’t know. He totally ignored Priye and put up a victorious smile for her. He took her hand. “Let’s go, Kade.”

Kade tugged her hand free to his surprise. “Please go, Timi. We’ll talk later.” She told him, her voice shaking ever so slightly.

He regarded her for a few heartbeats, his eyes filled with disappointment. It wasn’t the way they planned to end the day, but he couldn’t force her. He shrugged and turned to leave. He was almost at his car when Priye’s punch hit him. He landed heavily on the ground beside his car. His cap flew out of his head, revealing his balding head.

It wasn’t only the plantain seller who was watching now. The fruits sellers joined her, all whispering. Even those going into the supermarket stopped to watch. Across the road people stopped to stare.

Timi struggled to get up. One of the men in the small crowd that have gathered helped him up. Someone picked his cap. Blood trickled from a small cut just below his left eye. He staggered a little before he steadied himself. He opened and closed his mouth but no words came out. Priye lunged at him again. He moved away quickly as those around held Priye back.

“Bros, take it easy. This guy is not even fighting back.” One of them rebuked him.

Priye pushed the hands away from him. He fixed menacing eyes on Timi. “Just let me catch you near her again. I’ll kill you. If you don’t know your boundary where Kade is, I’ll let you know. You won’t like it if I do.” He rubbed his fists. Timi got the message clearly. He pushed his way through the people, got into his car and zoomed off.

“Na wa o. All these for a girl. You guys are jobless.” One guy spat at them. The crowd dispersed gradually, making comments as they went.

Hot tears rolled down Kade’s cheeks where she stood. Shame filled her eyes. She wrapped her arms around her body. She felt like she was doused with a bucket of iced water. Each incident with Priye left her more shaken than the last one. How did she not see this side of him from the beginning?

Her eyes darted back and forth as he came back to her. His eyes were still blazing with anger. Fear gripped her already trembling heart.

He regarded her with disgust. “Tell me, Kade, was it his car that attracted you? Was it his clothes that drew you to him?” She said nothing. This only infuriated him. He gripped her shoulders. “Answer me, Kade. Is that guy better than me? What made you stand here talking to him when you knew I would be waiting for you after Youth Fellowship?”

His fingers dug into her skin. She cried out in pain. “You’re hurting me, Priye. Please, let me go.” She cried. He held her for a while, then he released her. She staggered backwards, her braids coming loose. Her tears came like a water fall. “You promised this would never happened again, Priye. But here we are.” She choked on her tears.

Priye’s eyes softened a bit. “Let’s talk about this in my house tomorrow evening.” He looked straight at her. “Don’t come late.”

He walked away without a backward glance. Kade watched his departing back. She wondered again what she saw in Priye that made her say yes to his proposal.